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Online Authority, KiwiSplash, LLC, SEO and More!Readers naturally search for an authority. Authorities have the most credibility. Your goal is to become an authority….online.

Every Website Must Provide Value

Every website must provide value. Contrary to popular belief, most people are surfing the Internet with a specific purpose. They are in search of an answer to a question or solution to a problem (really the same thing).

Remember the 3 types of websites? Resource, Marketing and Interactive. Regardless of the type of website you have, your website already provides value. For instance, a basic “resource” site containing hours of operation, insurance information and directions provides value to your existing patients who know they can find this type of information on your site.

To improve your value and to turn your site into a powerful marketing tool, write articles on your site to answer your readers’ questions and solve their problems. This is the best way your site can provide value and to rank you highly at the same time.

Value Breeds Trust

The more value you provide, and for free, the more trust you will develop.

Trust in you does not develop with one article. It builds after several articles and over time. Trust allows readers to leave comments and ask questions on your site. Trust motivates “readers” to become your next “customers.”

Credibility and Authority

Your degree gives you a certain level of credibility, hence, it will be easier and faster for you to develop trust compared to those without a degree. You are, therefore, able to provide tremendous value to your readers by sharing your knowledge as an authority.

Remember, who else would be better to provide authoratative information than you?

What Can You Do?

Don’t advertise. Prove your authority and develop your trust by writing consistently and regularly. It’s no different than educating your next potential customer in person.  Online, however, your reach is even greater!

Writing knowledgeably about what you do will provide tremendous value to your future customers. Providing credible information establishes your authority and will accelerate the development of trust.

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